The Runway

The Runway

3 Episodes

From the model casting to the makeup chair, The Runway provides a new look at the journey of a model determined to elevate the industry – and their career – to new heights. The Runway series features the vision, the glamour and the journey to some of the most iconic fashion runway events across the globe.

The Vision. The Glamour, The Journey.

The Runway series goes behind-the-scenes at some of the most iconic fashion runway events across the gl

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The Runway
  • Embracing Uniqueness

    Episode 1

    With high stakes taking place in the industry, model KJ shares what she sees from her journey, why her features help her to stand out beautifully and how she has continued to be successful in the midst of it all.

  • Something For Everybody

    Episode 2

    Erica Taylor shares how some of her most amazing opportunities have come from taking a chance on her talent, and the supreme team working diligently behind-the-scene at some of the most coveted fashion event.

  • Pre-Destined Steps

    Episode 3

    Jeri Evans shares how pivotal steps taken by someone in the past can be the much needed stepping stones to a great journey into the business of fashion.